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Cyclologic provides a complete suite of comprehensive Cycling Analysis services for individual cyclists looking to perfect their interaction with the bike. Cyclologic also provides education, consulting and technical development for cycling industry affiliates such as manufacturers, retailers, and medical professionals. Learn more…



Scientific research and a passion for Cycling Analysis Technology is at the very core of our identity at Cyclologic. We continually develop & provide new analysis technologies, world class bike fitting tools, and equipment to further advance the fit process. All tools seamlessly integrate with Cyclologic’s…



Cyclologic’s Cycling Analysis Professional program provides students with a competitive edge by training them on how to incorporate in-depth evidence-based Cycling Analysis into their daily business. Students also learn the business essentials of fitting and how to promote their Analysis capabilities.

News & Insights

What is Cycling Science?

"Cycling Science" is a macro-term defining the rationale behind how the body interfaces and works with the bicycle. This multidisciplinary scientific body of information has been … MORE

What is Cycling Analysis?

Cycling Analysis is the practical application of Cycling Science. Cycling Science acknowledges that legitimate bicycle fitting must take into account that every cyclist is … MORE

Alchemy Bicycle Co. Handmade in Colorado

When we look for manufacturers whose bicycles will work for our needs as Cycling Analysts, (ride quality, adjustability range, balanced handling characteristics) the process of … MORE

Cyclologic Cycling Kit

CYCLOLOGIC CYCLING KIT DETAILS To bring this cycling kit to reality, we chose to collaborate with Arizona based kit developer VR7 (VRseven.com) who produces only high-performance … MORE