Cyclologic provides a complete suite of comprehensive Cycling Analysis services both for cyclists who are looking to perfect their bike fit, and for industry associates such as manufacturers, coaches and independent bike shops that want to maximize their ability to offer unrivaled solutions for their customers.



Scientific research and a passion for Cycling Analysis Technology is at the very core of our identity at Cyclologic. We continually develop & provide new analysis technologies, world class bike fitting tools, and equipment to further advance the fit process. All tools seamlessly integrate with Cyclologic’s…



Cyclologic’s Cycling Analysis Professional program provides students with a competitive edge by training them on how to incorporate in-depth evidence-based Cycling Analysis into their daily business. Students also learn the business essentials of fitting and how to promote their Analysis capabilities.

Job Opening at Cyclologic

Cycling Analysis Professional Cyclologic is seeking a full-time Cycling Analysis Professional (Bike Fitter) to join our Scottsdale, AZ based team. We are looking for an … MORE

The Week In Tech

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Dear Cyclologic team, I just wanted to say “thanks again” for the great service you have provided me. In the three years I have been working with you, my cycling life has … MORE

Kerry’s Fit-First Testimonial

My bike has always been my partner in crime. I didn’t care that she was a little rough around the edges. I wore my saddle sores and numb toes like badges of honor. That is, until … MORE